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Xenophobia – intense or irrational dislike or fear of people from other countries – Oxford Dictionaries


“Word spin” involves the misuse or twisting of words in order to marginalize or vilify those with whom one disagrees. Currently, xenophobia is a word often used in the process of “word spin” to marginalize or vilify those who desire that our government change its immigration policies and practices, even placing a moratorium on immigration, especially from parts of the world where Jihad-driven Islam is rampant, until it can properly vet or investigate those immigrating to our nation. Given the fact that the Director of the FBI, James Comey; the Assistant Director of the FBI, Michael Steinbeck; and the Chairman of the House Homeland Security Committee, Mike McCaul, to name a few, have noted our inability to properly vet or investigate refugees from Syria, those who rely on critical thinking skills rather than “word spin” question the propriety of bringing improperly vetted refugees to our nation, especially, given the known agendas of Jihad-driven Islam. Questioning such things is not about xenophobia, an irrational dislike or fear of the people in question, but rather a factual understanding of the risk that Jihad-driven Islam poses to our citizens. Tragically, some politicians and those opposing such questioning, rather than seeking to create and implement citizen-protecting changes to our immigration policies and practices, continue to try to marginalize and vilify those engaged in such questioning via the use of “word spin.” However, given the carnage that has been committed in our nation and around the world in the name of Jihad-driven Islam, those of us who value critical thinking skills must not yield to the goals of what is often emotionally not factually driven “word spin” and continue to call for changes to our immigration policies and practices that provide for the safety and protection of our citizens.



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